Savannah River Watershed Priority Planning

March 1, 2022

The Savannah River Clean Water Fund (SRCWF) is a partnership focused on protecting the water supply for the communities and businesses along the Savannah River in Georgia and South Carolina through forest conservation and restoration. The overall goal of the Savannah River Clean Water Fund is to retain 60% of the forest cover in the watershed. The Savannah River Clean Water Fund works closely with the drinking water utilities, industry, forestry partners, land trusts, private landowners, the SoloACE Longleaf Partnership and many other partners to conserve forests in the basin.

Conservation Priority Mapping

SRCWF has developed a conservation planning toolkit to guide decision-making and accelerate organizational and partner goals around protecting water quality through forest conservation in the lower Savannah River Watershed.

The toolkit includes a conservation priority web mapping application showing the areas of greatest importance for conservation of clean drinking water by protecting healthy forests in the Savannah River Watershed.

This project was funded through The Longleaf Alliance by a USFS Landscape Scale Conservation Grant awarded to the Georgia and SC Forestry Commissions and with generous support from International Paper. Thank you to our many partners that participated in the planning process.

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