Invasive Cogongrass – Hidden in Plain Sight

March 18, 2021

Cogongrass (Imperata cylindrica) is labeled as one of the ten WORST weeds in the world, and it's ravaging many Southeastern states. This invasive grass can invade ecosystems like our favorite longleaf pine and cost landowners massive amounts of money.

Wild Wander devoted an entire episode to investigate how bad cogongrass can get and what we all can do to stop it. Partners on the video include Alabama Department of Agriculture & Industries' Cogongrass Outreach and Education Program, Alabama Forestry Commission, and Covington County Conservation District.

We are excited that TLA's Cogongrass Coordinator Ed O'Daniels is featured in the episode. Ed works with private landowners and public land managers to collaboratively manage and eradicate this noxious species in the Florida Panhandle and a few counties in southern Alabama. Read more about the Cogongrass Partnership in the Fall 2020 issue of The Longleaf Leader.