Guiding Longleaf Restoration for 25 years

October 30, 2020

The Longleaf Alliance was formed in 1995 by Rhett Johnson and Dean Gjerstad in response to the urgent need to halt the decline of longleaf pine ecosystems, and to meet the growing demand for information on how to restore these forests.

From our beginning as a small (but mighty) team to where we are today, the original mission of The Longleaf Alliance remains the same. We work to ensure a sustainable future for longleaf pine ecosystems.

The Longleaf Alliance’s role within the longleaf community has expanded over the years, but our core function of delivering science-based technical assistance and education to landowners and land managers remains. Today our activities range from education and outreach to hands-on restoration to long-term land protection. We strive to be the guiding force for longleaf restoration, stewardship, and conservation across the Southeastern United States.

The Longleaf Alliance is truly an Alliance made up of all who are working together to restore this iconic forest.  Our members and partners throughout the longleaf community are pivotal in our development and growth and helping achieve our shared restoration goals.

Thank you from all of us at The Longleaf Alliance!