Thriving on Fire – The Resiliency of Longleaf

April 19, 2021

The Longleaf Alliance collaborated with partners from the Longleaf Partnership Council (LPC) on a new factsheet, Thriving on Fire: The Resilient Longleaf Pine, to communicate the tree's unique tolerance to fire and the benefits of using prescribed burning as a forest management practice.

This fire resiliency factsheet is the third in a series from the LPC to communicate how longleaf pine can outperform other pine species during natural disturbance events. Longleaf Resiliency: Insects and Pests was released in 2019, and Blowing in the Wind: Advantages of Longleaf Pine in Wind Storms was released in 2020.

Thank you to Lisa Lord, Director of Conservation with The Alliance, Jennifer Fawcett of North Carolina State University Extension Forestry, and David Godwin of the Southern Fire Exchange and the University of Florida for co-authoring the factsheet. LPC funding partners included the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation, International Paper, U.S. Department of Agriculture, U.S. Forest Service, the National Wildlife Federation, and the Georgia Wildlife Federation.